Madras is fairly hot & vindaloo is very hot

Shahi Chicken Korma

Pieces of chicken cooked in fresh cream, pistachio nut & cinnamon

Price: £6.50

Special Tandoori Chicken

Off the bone

Chicken Badami

Rich & mild cooked with cashew nuts, almonds cream & yoghurt

Price: £6.95

Harri Mirch Chicken

Special hot chilli. Mind you, its very hot so don't blame the chef

Price: £6.50

Haryali Chicken

Chicken cooked with spinach, honey, lemon juice & special spices

Price: £6.50

Lahori Chicken

Chicken cooked with yoghurt ground almond, coconut in hint of spice creamy sauce

Price: £6.50

Chicken Chilli Masala

Chicken cooked with fresh green chilli cucumber & sauce

Price: £6.50

Bengal Roast Chicken

2 Pieces with bone. Cooked with roast potato & egg

Price: £6.50